Originally, I was just an ordinary university student... I think I wouldn't object to being called an Otaku. One day, when reading a book called "The Records of the Four Holy Weapons" in the town library, I was suddenly summoned to the otherworld and became a character in the book... "Shield Hero"?! I really came to the otherworld! This otherworld or whatever you want to call it sounds very exciting to me, but why am I the Shield Hero! I'm only allowed to use a shield with zero Attack, and I can't even discard it... Now I'm a little worried about my future in this world...
Ostracized, maligned, and in a tragic state of losing everything, I embarked on a journey of adventure on my own. I can't beat any monsters with my high Defense but low ATK, so I can't gain enough XP, which makes it impossible to become stronger... What a vicious cycle ... Perhaps the only thing I can do is form a team, but I no longer trust anyone from this country. I prefer to have slaves who are "unable to betray" than to have so-called "teammates" who may betray me at any time...
Damn it! People all over the world condemned me with unreasonable charges! I am clearly innocent, but why no one would believe me! ... Raphtalia, what did you say just now? ... You actually believe me? This is exactly what I've been hoping to hear... Raphtalia, on the other hand, has always...
Heroes... from the otherworld? And their target is... me!? And what is behind this "wave"? No, I shouldn't hesitate at this moment! Because there are still Raphtalia, Filo, and Melty to fight for in this world! I will defeat the Waves as the Shield Hero and protect this world!
Filo's Master is the Lord Shield Hero, Iwatani Naofumi. Filo was hatched from an egg by Master. Master is really good to Filo! Master buys beautiful dresses for Filo and cooks delicious food for Filo. Master even plays with Filo sometimes! Hey, Master, isn't Filo cute? Filo wants to be with Master always. Filo loves Master the most!
Filo uses Air type magic, so Filo can blow the enemy up into the sky! Filo's job is pulling the carriage to wherever Master wants to go! Should Filo ever find that guy with a spear, Filo will kick him in the crotch!
Mel-chan didn't do anything wrong; why is Master so indifferent to her? Why did he send her away? Why, why, why? Mel-chan was so nice to Filolials, Filo loves Mel-chan! Even if we're parting ways and can't travel together like before... Mel-chan will always be Filo's best friend!
Filo will definitely save Mel-chan, and Filo will never lose to Fitoria! But... she's so strong! Fitoria's much stronger than Filo is right now... Filo's ultimate skill was easily blocked... there's no chance of winning this way. Master... what should Filo do... No, Filo just can't give up. Filo hasn't lost yet... Master, Filo will become stronger... whether it's for Master... or for Mel-chan... or big sis Raphtalia... Filo will become stronger to protect everyone! So, Filo can't lose!
My name is Motoyasu Kitamura. I was accidentally summoned to another world across time and space along with three others. Here I was dubbed the Spear Hero and somehow tasked with saving the world. But come to speak of it, this otherworld reminds me a lot of an online game I used to play... As a legendary hero, I was treated well in this world, and the girls who lead the way are also cute! The next step is to call up teammates! I'm going to have a fantastic adventure with some lovely girls at my side.
I'll just take care of all the fighting as the Spear Hero. This violent and filthy battle is not for pretty girls. All they need to do is stand by my side and cheer me on! After all, my teammates are all lovely girls. I know it would be difficult for me to fight without them, but I just don't want to push myself too hard!
That lady is just like an angel! She is my dream girl... I felt completely revitalized the moment I saw her!... What? She's Naofumi's slave?! Damn! That bastard Naofumi is enforcing himself on the beautiful ladies again! And not to mention that chubby bird he raised... Today, I must settle things with him once and for all!
I'm Itsuki Kawasumi, the Bow Hero, a high school student summoned to the otherworld to fight against the Waves. Lv. 1, is that it? How unsettling... Even so, I need to keep fighting hard! I'm the righteous "Hero" after all! Saving the world is my duty, isn't it?
The governor here is tyrannical and undoubtedly "evil"! Looks like I need to teach him a lesson. Naturally, as a hero, you must fight for the people in the name of justice! Let's just ignore Naofumi for the time being, but neither Ren nor Motoyasu has the dedication to be a hero. They are primarily interested in showing off and frequently neglect the responsibilities of a hero. But heroes are meant to fight for justice!
What? Is it true that Princess Melty was kidnapped by Naofumi? This is unmistakable proof of his nature. But I didn't anticipate him to do something so wicked! I must save the princess in the name of the Bow Hero! Even if he's a fellow hero, I'm not going to hesitate to uphold justice!
Dear Father and Mother, I'm not going to cry anymore... Not even in this gloomy, chilly dungeon... It's all right, Rifana. We shall undoubtedly be saved by the Lord Shield Hero... We're going to get out of here! Rifana? Rifana? Please don't leave me...
You despicable villain, when did I beg you to save me? You're nothing but a self-righteous man under the disguise of the "Spear Hero", what do you know about Mr. Naofumi? Mr. Naofumi will not force me to do things I don't want to. He lets me rest when I'm tired... Will you lend a helping hand to a sick slave who may die at any moment? Can you do that?
I am the one who knows Mr. Naofumi the best in the world and understands Mr. Naofumi's kindness! So even if the whole world blames Mr. Naofumi, I will stand up for him... I will keep telling everyone that Mr. Naofumi is a good man! Mr. Naofumi is the man who saved my life, gave me this sword, and inspired me to live my life! I am Mr. Naofumi's sword, and I will follow Mr. Naofumi no matter what difficulties I encounter!
Filo has been spending a lot of time with Mr. Naofumi recently! Melty is as well! Naofumi is... just too slow to notice anything! That is, nevertheless, part of his charm... Oh Gosh, what am I thinking?
Mother is angry again. Is it because of the country intel report that just sent over? It seems that father didn't listen to mother after all. He's prejudiced against the Shield Hero... if that is the case, I'll persuade my father! This is the duty of the person who will inherit the throne!
A talking Filolial! It's my first time seeing one. My dream to speak with a Filolial has now come true! Such fluffy and soft feathers... you're so cute! Filo-chan, I'm Melty. Let's be friends!
I'm the second princess of Melromarc, Melty Melromarc! I won't allow you to continue with this farce! The Lord Shield Hero isn't here. Because I asked him to take his leave first. I'll send a letter directly to my father, the King. And I'll surely clear the Lord Shield Hero's name! Come, bring me to the Kingdom!
Finally, the crisis caused by the Church of the Three Heroes has come to an end. Mother, you're still so amazing! There's something that I must do now as well. Although I'm a little upset that I can't travel with Filo-chan, we're still best friends! If we want to meet again, we can meet again anytime and anywhere!
So they are the "Four Cardinal Heroes" of the otherworld? How disappointing! They'd even struggle fighting a small critter, how are they supposed to shoulder the fate of the world? Useless fools! Only that man with the shield stands out a little... I'll put his skills to the test, and if necessary, I'll get rid of him right here and now! Please accept my apologies for being disrespectful. My name is Glass. Feel free to treat me as your enemy, Hero!
He can force L'Arc to this point even while holding back! What a terrible rate of growth! If you let him grow any further... our world will be in danger! Last time he outsmarted us and fled, we can't let him get away this time! So, you're that Shield Hero from the otherworld. For the world that I love... I must destroy you with my own hands!
This useless world... these useless heroes... Our world is more deserving of survival than these sorts of life! Countless compatriots have died in the face of the Waves... this tragedy will end today! Shield Hero Iwatani Naofumi! This battle will not stop till one of us is defeated!
I am Ren Amaki, currently sixteen years of age, and studying in high school. I was summoned to the otherworld as the "Sword Hero". Don't you feel any guilt about forcefully summoning people here? So there are three other "Heroes" like me who come from different worlds' "Japan"... Although I don't like small talk, it's necessary to share intel reports at this stage. So I should probably listen to their stories first.
There are 5 otherworld denizens who are willing to follow me. Since this world is so similar to an online game, I'll just assign different courses of action according to the level of these people. We'll gather once again for action when the wave arrives. I hate banding up, so I'll just leave those who can't catch up behind.
Spear Hero vs Shield Hero... Who would have thought Naofumi can suppress Motoyasu despite such a great difference in their levels. Huh? Someone interfered in the duel... Was it Motoyasu's companion?... She unleashed an Air magic attack on Naofumi. Humph, a bastard who cheats in battle... You lost that duel just now, Motoyasu!